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Video Cutting Without Expert Knowledge

Move the markers to mark the beginning and end of the video. This website is useful when you need to cut a small video file. No installation required it works in your browser. You don't need any professional technical footage, you don't need any knowledge about all kinds of video formats.

When we are editing videos, we may want to crop some specific clips. How to cut these clips at the specified size? In the simple, we will give you some videos and let you know how to cut the videos in the specified size.

This site has an easy-to-use interface and the video is cut quickly. There is no need for IT skills or professional knowledge related to video formats, you can cut any video in seconds with the video cutter tool.

How To Cut a Video Online

Online Video Cutter is for you even if you have never edited videos alone. It is really easy! You just need to follow the above steps.
The tool will try to maintain the same quality and format for cutting video as the original file.


Choose file

Open or drag and drop a video clip from a Mac, Windows PC or any other device. The program allows you to cut the unlimited video for free.


Cut your video

The program allows you to move the two tags to determine the start and end of the clip. It takes just a few seconds! Please be aware that if you edit the video from an iPhone or Android device, it is better to choose the MP4 format.


Download the file

Once your video is processed, you can save it to your PC, Mobile, and another device. It is also possible to watch the online video directly from your browser.

Supports Video Format

The video trimmer works with all the popular formats: