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Best Fast Motion Video Editors

Fast Motion, or Time Lapse, takes normal video speed and acceleration to create a short video that may take a long time to watch. There are two ways to create a fast-moving video.

You are here because you also want to know how you can do the fast motion effect on the long and boring video. A fast-moving video editor can help you with this. You can convert a 15-minute video to 2 or 3 minutes. Quick motion effects are often used when some actions are taken in the videos over a longer period. Perhaps, at a recorded dinner party, you wouldn't see visitors start and finish eating. Instead, you'll need to speed it up and go on with other important events at the party. The good idea about this effect is that you won't be able to miss a moment unlike if you cut it. Therefore, you or other viewers can still watch the full video. To help you with your problem, here are three of the best tools you might use to achieve the effect of fast motion on the video.

How To Create Fast Motion Videos

With this free website you can create a fast motion video using its own editing function.


Choose file

Open or drag and drop a video clip from your PC or other device.


Cut your video

Set the part of the start and end fast motion selected part. You can adjust it up to video faster.


Download the file

Once done, just simply click on “SAVE” and “Convert” to download the video file on your device.

Supports Video Format

The video trimmer works with all the popular formats: