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Slow motion has always been one of the coolest effects in the video. This technology was once exclusive to expensive luxury cameras, but as mobile technology improved, the slow motion became better and better. Whether you want to emphasize a cinematic moment or prolong the embarrassment of a friend you recorded in a dangerous situation, Slow Motion is a great free online website.

Slow Motion effect is widely used in movies and music clips today to add atmosphere to the video and help the director to show the actions that the viewer can easily miss with the speed of the regular movie. If you want to watch things in slow motion and always want to get a slow video on your computer, we've got the best for you. With the Slow Video Editor, you won't need a slow-moving camera to turn your video into a slow masterpiece. Try using this site to create slow-motion videos in HD and HD quality and watch how simple it is.

How To Speed Slow Down Video

This tutorial will help you create slow-motion sequences for use in cooking videos.
Have a great action shot you want to slow down?


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Set the start and endpoints to apply slow motion video. Once it is added, choose to speed slow it down.


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Supported Video Formats

The video trimmer works with all the popular formats: